Psychologist Geneva

I’m Hiba – a Psychologist + Food Coach based in Geneva, Switzerland.

I use a mindfulness-based behavioural approach called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to help you get unstuck in both food and non-food aspects of life.


ο Emotional eating

ο Binge eating / overeating

ο Cravings

ο Listening to your body to find a more intuitive, natural way of nourishing yourself

ο Using your relationship to food as a gateway to understanding and making changes to other aspects of your life such as relationships, living your full potential or feeding your hunger for life.


ο Feeling stuck in a situation, unable to move forward

ο Feeling lost or unable to make decisions

ο Difficulties as an expat

ο Or simply needing a safe space, someone who is there for you and can help you through a difficult time.

Find out more about my approach or about healthy living over on the blog.