Psychologist Geneva

I’m Hiba – a Psychologist + Food Coach based in Geneva, Switzerland.

I use a mindfulness-based behavioural approach to help you get unstuck when it comes to your relationship to food so it no longer feels like food is running your life.

I work with:

ο Emotional eating

ο Binge eating / overeating

ο Cravings

ο Creating healthy eating habits through meal planning and ‘crowding out’ less healthy habits

ο Listening to your body to find a more intuitive, natural way of nourishing yourself

ο Sustainable weight loss by addressing both the food and emotional aspects

ο Using your relationship to food as a gateway to understanding and making changes to other aspects of your life such as relationships, living your full potential or feeding your hunger for life.

Find out more about my approach or about healthy living over on the blog.