6 Recipes From 2013 to Start 2014 Off Right!


6 recipes for 2014


Happy New Year everyone!

If you are like me, your body might be needing a little break from all the heavy eating that happens during this time. So I put together a few of my favorite recipes from 2013 – a mix of snacks, not-so-decadant desserts and side dishes or meals to help you start 2014 on the right foot!

1. Chickpea Flour Crepe (Gluten & Dairy Free)

A great way of jazzing up any leftovers and a healthier alternative to bread. Top with anything you have lying around and you have a more interesting meal in minutes!

2. Raw Chocolate Avocado Pie (Gluten & Dairy Free)

A very easy and tasty dessert that tastes decadent but uses only healthy, wholesome ingredients – no baking needed! I always have a fun time getting people to guess the mystery ingredient…

3. Humus – No Bread (Gluten & Dairy Free)

Humus is one of my go to dishes when I need to bring something to a party or just want a light meal. While you can now buy ready-made humus in most supermarkets, it’s much healthier and very simple to make your own, especially if you are using canned chickpeas.

4. Harisa – Arabic Semolina Cake

This was  a traditional New Year’s dessert for me growing up – and this is a lighter, less processed version. It is very tasty with a touch of exotic Arabic flavor.

5. Roasted Winter Vegetables

This is my go-to recipe for preparing winter vegetables in a way which brings out their natural sweetness. Did you know that eating naturally sweet vegetables like sweet potatoes, pumpkins, beetroots or carrots can actually reduce sugar cravings? This dish makes a great side dish or light dinner.

6. Brown Rice Zaatar Crackers

These are a great snack for when you are on the go and need something healthy to tide you over!

New Year Wishes

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