A Healthy Alternative: Unrefined Salt


Unrefined sea salt – more grey than table salt

An easy upgrade which is very worthwhile is replacing refined table salt with unrefined salt, either sea salt or Himalayan salt.

The white, refined salt most commonly used these days is stripped of any minerals and is actually toxic to our bodies, leading to inflammation of the tissues, water retention and high blood pressure.

Unrefined salt is more grey or pink and contains electrolytes, which help maintain the water balance in the body as well as nerve and muscle function. Because it is not processed, unrefined salt still contains minerals which are very beneficial to the body – boosting the immune system and helping with headaches, thyroid health and even with cholesterol levels and high blood pressure.

Salt has gotten some bad press recently, but like many other instances in nutrition, the QUALITY of what is used is the most essential ingredient. After all, our bodies need salt to help maintain balance since salt is the second most common substance in the human body, (after water).

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