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    Understanding Humans Lunch: Getting to Know Your Village of Emotions

    Institut de Médecine Naturelle - 7, rue de Fribourg - 1201 Geneva

    Understanding Humans_May 31

    The Understanding Humans Lunch is a talk on a Psychology topic shared in a simple and relevant way over lunch.

    Lunch on May 31 will be an introduction to emotions.

    Imagine your internal world - your emotions, thoughts, desires, needs - is a village. Every emotion plays a role in this village - it shows up for a reason. For example, healthy anger is the gatekeeper of your village boundary, it decides who to let in or not. So when anger as an emotion shows up, it means that someone has crossed our  boundary and we need to repair this boundary.

    As the leader of our village, we don't need to act on what each emotion is telling us to do but we do need to listen to the message an emotion is telling us - or feel the emotion. Otherwise, we end up suppressing our emotions and then exploding, instead of dealing with them in a way that works for us (read more here).

    You will learn why emotions exist, why they matter and a very different approach to living with them, even when they are painful. I will use the metaphor of a village of emotions as a fun and simple way to understand how emotions work.

    This talk is based on research from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), a mindfulness-based behavioural approach, and the work of Karla McLaren.

    I don't think we can learn much about ourselves, our relationships, or the world without recognizing and getting curious about emotions. - Brené Brown

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