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  • Tue

    Making Sense of Emotions Workshop

    19:30 - 21:30Institut de Médecine Naturelle - 7, rue de Friboug - GENEVA


    Imagine your internal world is a village.

    Every emotion has a role to play in this internal village - there are no good or bad emotions. When we feel something, there is always a good reason for it, a message that is being conveyed by this emotion.

    We can learn to use emotions as signposts to better navigate life, particularly when making decisions.

    Yet when we don’t know how to understand or work with them, emotions can feel overwhelming and we might try numbing or suppressing them.

    Numbing or suppressing emotions means we are not fully able to experience joy or aliveness. And it can sometimes mean feeling out of control and exploding without meaning to.

    In this workshop, you will learn why emotions exist, why they matter and a very different approach to working with them, even when they are painful.

    I will use the metaphor of a village of emotions as a fun and simple way to convey how emotions work.

    This talk is based on research from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), a mindfulness-based behavioural approach, and the work of Karla McLaren.

    I don't think we can learn much about ourselves, our relationships, or the world without recognizing and getting curious about emotions. - Brené Brown

    Cost: 50 CHF, including handout

    Hiba's workshop on emotions was truly a liberating experience for me and has totally changed the way I look at life and react to things around me.  I have learned to accept myself as I am without being critical or judgemental.  Being able to identify emotions and my reactions to them has enabled me to live more peacefully and serenly and I find myself generally on a happier path. - Past participant in Emotions workshop

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