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  • Tue

    Once Upon a Dark Time: Skills to Cope with Life's Difficulties

    18:30 - 20:30institut de Médecine Naturelle - 7, rue de Fribourg - 1201 Geneva


    This workshop is now fully booked. 

    Are you struggling with something in your life right now? A separation / break-up, death of a loved one, depression, life as an expat?

    Often we end up feeling helpless because difficult situations like this often don’t have a ‘solution’. There isn’t much we can do to make the situation easier and the dark times can feel like a burden we have to carry.

    What we can do is learn to carry that burden differently, so that it feels lighter. As Viktor Frankl writes: “When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.”

    This workshop provides skills to better deal with the dark times by helping you:

    ♥ Drop the struggle with painful thoughts.

    ♥ Learn to deal with difficult emotions.

    ♥ Start to have your own back in times of difficulty (self-compassion).

    ♥ Connect to what matters to you in this situation - your values: We hurt because we care.

    ♥ Differentiate between mindful distractions vs avoidance.

    ♥ Better listen to your needs during this time.

     Cost: 50 CHF, including snack + handout

    This workshop is based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and given by Hiba Giacoletto - Psychologist + Coach.