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  • Sun

    The Magic of Self-Compassion Mini-Retreat

    14:00 - 18:00cabinet 22 - rue Saint-Leger 22 - 1204 Geneva (Old Town)


    Join us for some cozy vibes in Geneva's old town!

    Self-compassion is the magic ingredient to pretty much anything in life: From better dealing with difficulty to making healthy change.

    Self-compassion is about learning to have your own back. It is the quiet confidence that comes with knowing that whatever happens in life, you'll be able to handle it. Or as S.C. Lourie writes: As long as you have you, you can do anything. 

    It isn't something that comes naturally to most of us. And yet, how well is beating yourself up working for you in being where you want in life?

    Often, the way we treat ourselves simply makes us feel worse and leaves us stuck, rather than moving us towards our desires.

    This mini-retreat combines wild-hearted yoga (all-levels), simple ways to start applying self-compassion + a dose of body love and self-care routines + homemade chai and healthy snacks.

    By the end of this mini-retreat, our hope is that you will have the skills to start treating yourself differently - and that by being there for you, you will be able to do anything in life.

    Join Hiba (Psychologist + Coach) and Marisa (Yoga Teacher + Wellness Coach at Wild.Happy.Heart) for a magical time just for you.

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