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    Transform Your Eating Through Intuition + Mindfulness

    18:30 - 20:30Institut de Médecine Naturelle - 7, rue de Fribourg

    Transform your eating through intuition + mindfulness

    In this workshop, I will share what I have found most transformative in my own journey with food: Learning to listening to your body's wisdom instead of yet another diet or expert telling you what to eat. Bringing intuition and mindfulness to your eating is the best way to discover true freedom and pleasure with food while helping you naturally reach your ideal body weight.

    We will look at

    • Physical vs emotional hunger
    • Ways to painlessly eat less
    • A way to surf the urge of cravings
    • Different types of eating and what to use when
    • How simple mindfulness techniques can make a massive difference in what you eat and how much

    You will leave this workshop with simple tools to start transforming your relationship to food as well as your unique eating guidelines.

    WHEN: October 6, 18:30 - 20:30

    COST: 50 CHF, including healthy snacks/light dinner + handouts

    WHERE: Institut de Médecine Naturelle - 7, rue de Fribourg, Geneva