Happy Easter & my love for yoga

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you had a wonderful day!

I thought these yoga bunnies were very cute and fitting for the season. They combine my love of cute looking animals and yoga. And speaking of yoga, I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned it on this blog yet!

So here goes…I started yoga about 5 years ago, going to class once a week with my dear friend, Vanessa. But it was only when I started a more regular yoga practice 2 years ago that I really started feeling a difference in both the way I feel, my posture, and my ‘progress’ as a yogi. I now take 20-45 minutes several times a week to do some yoga at home. I found that using a website like yogaglo.com  makes me feel I have my own private yoga teacher without even needing to go to the studio. And even though yogaglo has a great varieties of classes and teachers you can choose from, I only ever do Elena Brower’s classes. She is that good! I still go to real life classes, as nothing beats being corrected by real teachers, and I found a center with some great teachers here in Geneva.

The styles of yoga I prefer are Anunsara/Hatha and Kundalini – two very different styles that I choose depending on how I am feeling. Anunsara/Hatha is similar to the bunny positions shown below, while Kundalini uses movement and the breath to work on energy in the body.

The beauty of yoga is that there are so many different styles, that I am sure it is possible for everyone to find a style they enjoy.

What about you, do you do yoga? What style do you prefer?


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  • April on Oct 02, 2014 Reply

    great idea..very creative !!

    • Millie on Aug 08, 2016 Reply

      That’s an apt answer to an ineietstrng question

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    • http://www./ on Nov 05, 2016 Reply

      FaceBook isn’t evil… it’s just it can be very dangerous if used incorrectly. I personally don’t like FaceBook and I don’t go around telling? people to delete accounts and stuff like that… Basically what people should remember: Nothing on the Internet is actually private.

    • zahlt hausratversicherung umzugsschäden on Nov 05, 2016 Reply

      sarannya sih coba praktekin poin 11 dan 12. Sebenarnya ada lagi sih tipsnya, tapi sangat teknis dan harus berhubungan dengan kode-kode mas. Kalo buta soal coding, rasanya bakalan puyeng deh ^_^

  • Vanessa on Apr 04, 2013 Reply

    Thanks for bringing back the good memories with our early days in yoga practise! I really have to put the headstand on my “good year resolutions” for next year 😉
    This bunny is so adorable.

  • Suzy on Apr 04, 2013 Reply

    Fabulous bunnies and thanks for the website… my DVD player is broken so good chance to give this a try!

  • Julia on Apr 01, 2013 Reply

    great article! I love the bunnies! The only style I ever tried so far is Hatha Yoga, I really like that one. But I am going to try Flow Yoga soon, my husband will actually join :-)

  • Hiba on Apr 01, 2013 Reply

    thank you both for your comments! Laura, I am really glad you are giving yogaglo a try – let me know if you need any advice on a good yoga mat :)

  • Laura on Apr 01, 2013 Reply

    Happy Easter HealthWise! Thanks for this great post, it has inspired me to give yoga another try…especially the link I can really see if it’s for me before a financial investment. Thanks also for sharing Vanessas blog! Now, off for some yogaglo in the sun on easter day!

  • Faris on Apr 01, 2013 Reply

    The yoga bunnies are adorable. I’m surprised they don’t call it downward and upward bunny!

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