Is ____ healthy?


Here is a frequent question I get asked: “Is ____ healthy?” where the blank can be anything from milk to green tea to rice crackers to yoghurt.

A perfectly legitimate question. That’s very difficult to answer.

Because it depends.

It depends on what your definition of healthy is.

It depends on how often you consume the food or drink in question.

It depends on the greater context of the rest of your diet because 80% is perfection.

It even depends on the brand as ingredients can vary greatly.

And most of all it depends on you and your bio-individuality. Because no one diet works for everyone and one person’s panacea is another person’s poison. And in the end, the greatest – and only – authority on what works for you is learning to listen to your body’s wisdom.

The health coaching I do is about helping you connect with your inner wisdom to find the food and lifestyle choices that nourish you best. Because the only truly honest answer to the question “Is ____ healthy?” will always be “It depends…”

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  • Amy on Jun 06, 2013 Reply

    well, that is a question i ask myself (and others ; ))!) a lot. It remains difficult to distinguish real food from “looks-good” food. I feel a lot more confident now though because i subscribed for a “Savvy Shopping” on this blog. So, last monday, after reviewing my kitchen cupboards and a little theory, we set off for a Migros’ products scan. it was really interesting as i have my “basics”, so basics that i often cannot remember the exact name of the product. We went through most of the labels of my weekly shopping list and it was very enlightening. She also gave me a few tips on meal preparation and it was very helpful as i got 2 very hungry toddlers!
    This session surely changed my shopping habits, A big thank you for your health help!!!

  • Hiba on Jun 04, 2013 Reply

    Well done being on the radio, very impressive! What did you answer to those questions?

  • Julia on Jun 04, 2013 Reply

    Great post, Hiba! I just got interviewed by a local radio station this morning, and they asked me: which fruit is the healthiest to eat for breakfast? and: are kiwis and khaki healthy?

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