Just One Small Change at a Time

Forget new year's goalsThere’s something about the New Year. The dizzying potential of so much newness. The opportunity to let go of the past and simply start over.

And if you are anything like me, you tend to overestimate your capacity for change. We have this eternally optimistic attitude that THIS time it will be different. THIS time, we will stick to that diet or make that change we really really want to make.

Yet it was only when I let go of my lofty ideals that I was able to create real, sustainable healthy habits.

For example, instead of focusing on getting rid of my 3 cups of coffee a day drinking habit, I focused on drinking more herbal teas. I bought a bunch of herbal teas in interesting flavors and kept them in the office, deciding I would have at least one herbal tea first thing in the morning. Guess what? By focusing on adding in MORE herbal teas instead of obsessing about drinking LESS coffee, I naturally crowded out one coffee a day. I kept going until eventually I had replaced most of my office coffees with teas, and I started only drinking coffee when I really felt like having one.

I did the same thing with my diet. Rather than focusing on what I wanted to eat less of, I focused on what I wanted to eat more of.

The nutrition training I did calls this crowding out, and research shows that it is a more efficient and sustainable way of making healthy change because the new, healthy habits naturally take the place of the less healthy habits.

So as we start 2014, I urge you to focus on what you want to include more of in your life. Are you thinking of detoxing after the holidays? Winter is not the best time for the body to detox as we need fats and proteins to deal with the cold, but it’s a great time to make healthy change. Why not focus on eating more vegetables instead? Leave the detox for Spring – nature’s detox season – and start building the foundation for healthy habits that will last you a lifetime instead.

I would love to hear from you – what do you want to add MORE of in your life right now?

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