Shake up your eating habits!


Do you find yourself on automatic pilot when grocery shopping, buying more or less the same foods every time?

Do you always have the same ‘staples’ at home, things like bread, milk, bananas, tomatoes all year round?

When was the last time you ordered something new at a restaurant?

Do you have more or less the same breakfast every day of the week?

I am not saying you are lazy. On the contrary: As humans living in the modern world, we need to make hundreds of choices in a single day – from what to wear to where to park. It is completely normal that our minds go on ‘automatic pilot’ rather than actively making a decision for every little thing we do – this is what makes activities such as driving possible – we no longer need to think about every little step involved.

Sometimes though, shaking ourselves out of automatic pilot can be very enriching. It can allow us to see what we do with different eyes or to simply try something new.

Here are some ideas to help shake up your eating habits!

♦ Vary your grains – try a whole grain that is new to you such as quinoa, millet, buckwheat or brown rice.

♦ Buy a new vegetable you’ve never used before next time you are grocery shopping then google to find a recipe for it.

♦ Do NOT buy your staples next time you are shopping – restrictions can make you more creative, forcing you to find alternatives.

♦ Buy a different brand of your favorite food.

♦ If you always go to the same restaurant, try a new kind of cuisine you have never tried, like Ethiopian food.

♦ Buy something that is in season right now in a big quantity and then figure out what you want to do with it. For example, I bought a large quantity of zucchini which is currently in season and made zucchini muffins, a vegetable stir fry with buckwheat noodles, a tomato sauce with zucchini and added it to a lentil salad.

♦ Buy a type of herb and put it in a glass of water when you get home then add it to everything you make over the next few days. You can even add herbs like mint to water to jazz it up a little.

What about you, do your eating habits need to be shaken up? Which of these action points are you willing to try over the next week? I would love to hear from you in the comments below!

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  • Cassiopée on Sep 09, 2013 Reply

    Dear Healhwise Coach,

    Do you have an advice regarding the daily amount of fruits an adult should eat / but not… overeat!? 2-3? More? General rules?
    My first approach was… eat as much fruit as you want/can: they’re sweet but not like a cake or chocolate treat, full of vitamins and healthy. Then I realised that the rule (or lack of rule!) was maybe too… indulgent and decided to stick to the five fruits and vegetables per day: 3 fruits, 2 vegetables, including fresh lemon juice. But now that I’ve discovered exciting organic fruit retailers and cannot avoid buying all the wonderful fruits they offer, with the temptation comes the question (how many?)?

    Looking forward reading your opinion on the matter!

    • Hiba on Sep 10, 2013 Reply

      Hi Cassiopée,

      Every person is individual and reacts differently to foods.

      When it comes to fruit, I believe that if you eat seasonally, and eat more in season fruits now, and less in autumn and winter when there is less choice, this is what our bodies were used to from an evolutionary perspective.

      Fruits are definitely a better option than sweets, and the fiber in them helps slow down the release of the natural sugars into the blood, which is good. But they are still a source of sugar, so if this is something you want to be careful about, then try eating more vegetables than fruits. If you find that eating all this fruit makes you feel good, then go for it! The most important thing is to listen to your body – and also to make sure you are also eating enough vegetables, protein and healthy fat in addition to the fruit.

      I hope this answers your question!

  • Faris on Aug 21, 2013 Reply

    Some great suggestions! I like the idea of googling to find a new recipe with familiar / favorite ingredients ….

    • Hiba on Aug 21, 2013 Reply

      Thanks Faris!

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