Shedding skin

018-img_1274According to the Chinese calendar, 2013 is the year of the snake.

I have always been fascinated with the whole skin shedding thing when it comes to snakes – how they physically let go of a part of themselves in order to evolve.

Last week I made the difficult decision to let go of something that had served me well for several years. And I realized that growth is as much about what we choose to let go of as it is about what we start doing. 

Louise Hay would say that when thoughts or people or things no longer serve us, it is time “to lovingly release them”. Dr. Seuss, in all his wisdom would say, “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.”

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  • Flora on Mar 03, 2014 Reply

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  • Nelly on Feb 08, 2013 Reply

    Wow very true , I think that age change is more difficult right?

  • berenice on Feb 06, 2013 Reply

    Very true. Growth is change, and loving change is good, because it teaches us to be better, and to evolve, not be stuck in our fears (or comfort zone)!

  • Susan Cohen on Feb 06, 2013 Reply

    Lovely message. Always good to be reminded that each and every day we have choices. Thank you.

  • Carlo on Feb 05, 2013 Reply

    This is very true. I think that if we don’t let go, the past beomes too heavy and it becomes harder to move forward.

  • Leslie Knee, LMT on Feb 05, 2013 Reply

    Always a good reminder that growth is inevitable, and a part of life. Change is our only constant.

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