Slow is the new healthy

It’s strange, this time of year.

The end of year holidays have passed, leaving a whiff of stale Christmas decoration and at the same time, there’s the crisp freshness of a new year.

We are surrounded by rampant consumerism thanks to the post-Christmas sales. The same things that were bought just a couple of weeks ago are now going at half the price. This puts us in a frenzy of buying, often without questioning whether we really need something.

And of course, there’s all the hope. The hope of a better year. The hope that comes with every New Year’s Resolution uttered. The hope of a fitter self that comes with the increase in sales of gym subscriptions and fitness equipment at this time of year.

In the same way that research shows we tend to start off our mornings healthy and progressively become less healthy as the day progresses, we start off the year full of good intentions. The difficulty lies in showing up, day after day, month after month.

So maybe this year when it comes to health don’t make it about the lofty resolutions and grand declarations but about the small, slow, one at a time changes, that lead to a gradual shift in lifestyle.


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