Eating away from home

This weekend was my birthday (33 already!) and I spent a few beautiful days in the south of France.

Of course, this involved quite a bit of eating out, making this the perfect time to share my eating away from home philosophy:

♦ If it is a special occasion, enjoy it and enjoy the company instead of obsessing about the food. Remember that 80% is perfection – but also that being with people you love and having a great time is just as important for your health as what you eat.

♦ As a general rule, try to make the healthiest choice possible in the context you are in. Regardless of where you are – in a restaurant or at an airport for example – cultivate the habit of always choosing the most healthy (or least unhealthy) choice available. Don’t let yourself off the hook just because there isn’t anything you would classify as really ‘healthy’. There is always a ‘healthier’ option and this can actually end up making a big difference in the long run, especially if you eat out a lot.

♦ Don’t be afraid to ask for changes to an order – such as vegetables with steak instead of fries. Restaurants are surprisingly flexible about this and if they can’t do it, they’ll let you know. No harm in asking!

Share! My mother used to say ‘Calories shared are calories halved’ and this is the philosophy I use particularly with desserts.

Stop eating when you are full. We tend to associate an empty plate with being full, but if you listen to your body’s signals, you might actually feel full before that. Despite what you might have heard as a child, you ARE allowed to leave food on your plate.

♦ I also like to bring some of my own food, in case we don’t have time to stop for a meal or need a snack. For this trip, I made the chia bread below based on this recipe.

chia bread

 What about you, do you have any other tips for eating out?