On Self Love

It’s Valentine’s Day and everyone seems to have an opinion about it – too commercial, too lonely, too cheesy…

My take is that happiness in a couple starts with self-love.

Sounds strange? Consider this: If YOU don’t find YOU attractive, will you believe it when someone tells you you’re beautiful or will you just think, ‘Liar’?

If YOU are not able to stand up for yourself, is it fair to expect your better half to do it for you?

If YOU are not able to take care of yourself, why should someone else know how to do it for you?

Self love is not selfish – it’s the foundation for healthy relationships.

Airline emergency briefings are spot on when they tell parents to first put on their own oxygen mask before helping their child put theirs on. After all, what use would a parent without an oxygen mask be to the child?

Similarly, I firmly believe the best investment we can make to our relationships is to always love and care for ourselves first so we can be the best possible friend or partner to others.

 It’s not your job to like me. It’s mine. – Byron Katie