Pursuit of Everything…in Geneva


It isn’t often that remarkable people casually drop by Geneva for a chat around beer and pizza at Le Scandale…So of course, when Nathalie organized a Misfits meet-up with AJ & Melissa Leon, I was thrilled to participate.

AJ Leon is an ordinary guy who decided to leave his plush New York career to choose a life of meaning and adventure. Five years on, he owns several companies, has written a book and is traveling around the world with his lovely wife, Melissa. You can read more about their philosophy on their website, the aptly named, Pursuit of Everything and you can even download a very inspiring PDF with AJ’s writing about living life with intention, doing meaningful work and changing the world – highly recommended!

One of the things I loved most from what AJ said was that the people we admire are always heroes or adventurers. Don’t we all admire characters like Frodo or Luke Skywalker, heeding their call to adventure? He urged us to start looking at ourselves in the same way, as adventurers or heroes in our own life story, living this one precious life that we have. How awesome is that?

In his words:


He also shared this quote which I found quite intriguing (you can actually buy this pillow for a limited time only):


I find this very true, particularly when you are lucky enough to live in a country as comfortable as Switzerland. Yet as AJ explained, you need to step out of your comfort zone in order to seek a life of meaning and adventure, to feel truly alive. He also mentioned that those closest to us often want us to be comfortable more than anything else, and that this can make our quest to live a more deliberate life more difficult.

AJ’s experience of leaving a successful career in finance and setting off to do his own thing made me realize that at some point, Life hands us a choice: Are you going to choose comfort, or are you going to choose growth, passion, adventure? I got this call earlier this year and decided to set out on my own adventure with my health coaching work, but I have to be honest: I still need to push past the siren calls of comfort every day.

Which is why meeting AJ & Melissa was such an inspiration – to actually meet people who are truly alive to life and living in a way that is in alignment with their hearts. I can’t wait for AJ’s book, The Life & Times of a Remarkable Misfit to be out soon.

PS – Some photos from the event taken by Nathalie.

Working with your body’s natural rhythm

RhythmnAlignment with the rhythms of life brings our metabolism into its fullest force.

– Marc David

When it comes to eating, have you ever considered timing? With food, as with so many things in life, timing IS everything. Well maybe not everything, but it can be a simple way to help with weight loss, better digestion and increased energy levels.

So what exactly is timing when it comes to food?

Timing related to food means tapping into your body’s natural metabolic state or body temperature at various moments of the day to help processes such as digestion and burning fat.

Of course, each person is unique and every body will react differently, but here are some general guidelines.


As soon as you wake up, your body temperature begins to rise – your metabolism is gearing up for the day. Eating in the morning actually increases your metabolic rate, enabling you lose weight more easily. Food is like adding wood to a furnace – it makes it burn more efficiently.

As a general rule, the hotter the season or climate, the less people tend to eat for breakfast – you may have noticed this to be the case for you and this is fine if you feel it works for you.

If you have dinner about 3 hours before going to bed, and try to leave 12 hours between dinner and breakfast, you are giving your body the optimum time it needs to burn fat. If you wake up in the morning feeling sluggish and not hungry, try eating less and earlier at dinner.


Body temperature is at its highest when the sun is highest in the sky. Between 12 and 13:30 is your peak metabolic time, which is why it makes sense for lunch to be the biggest meal of the day as it is in many traditional cultures.


Between 14:00 and 17:00, your body is busy digesting lunch and energy levels tend to drop. The natural rhythm of the body is to slow down during this period. You may have noticed that you have less energy after lunch – it might even be your least productive time of day.

Late Afternoon:

Between around 16:00 and 18:00, your body temperature starts rising again and energy levels pick up. If you know you are unable to have dinner until much later, have a small snack with healthy fats and protein so that you have a smaller dinner later in the evening.


This is when our bodies start slowing down in preparation for sleep and our metabolism is actually at its lowest.

It therefore makes sense to eat dinner as early and as light as possible. This will actually help you sleep better and wake up hungrier for breakfast, when your body’s metabolism is in a better state to handle food. It also enables the liver to go into fat burning mode, an crucial state for weight loss.

An interesting side note…

One of the ways sumo wrestlers gain weight is by skipping breakfast and having a big, late dinner right before going to bed. If this sounds like you and you are trying to lose weight, try simply shifting your eating schedule – this could work wonders.

Give it a try

Do you recognize yourself in any of this? If you often find yourself in sumo wrestler mode – skipping breakfast and eating a large dinner late at night, why not try shuffling your food around for a week and see how you feel?


The Slow Down Diet: Eating for Pleasure, Energy and Weight Loss by Marc David

Is ____ healthy?


Here is a frequent question I get asked: “Is ____ healthy?” where the blank can be anything from milk to green tea to rice crackers to yoghurt.

A perfectly legitimate question. That’s very difficult to answer.

Because it depends.

It depends on what your definition of healthy is.

It depends on how often you consume the food or drink in question.

It depends on the greater context of the rest of your diet because 80% is perfection.

It even depends on the brand as ingredients can vary greatly.

And most of all it depends on you and your bio-individuality. Because no one diet works for everyone and one person’s panacea is another person’s poison. And in the end, the greatest – and only – authority on what works for you is learning to listen to your body’s wisdom.

The health coaching I do is about helping you connect with your inner wisdom to find the food and lifestyle choices that nourish you best. Because the only truly honest answer to the question “Is ____ healthy?” will always be “It depends…”