Frozen Banana Soft Serve

My big aha moment this summer is this: Bananas freeze really well because they are made up of less water than other fruits. The recipe below is very simple and makes for a deliciously creamy, healthy treat on a hot summer day.


Frozen banana ice-cream.001


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  • Faris on Jun 23, 2014 Reply

    Sounds easy and delicious!!

  • Hiba on Jul 17, 2013 Reply

    The cutting is easier for the food processor, but you can freeze peeled bananas too! I guess you would need a knife to peel them though?

  • Kati on Jul 17, 2013 Reply

    Thanks. I try this the next time I want ice-cream.

    I have whole bananas with peels on in the freezer… Maybe I should next time peel and cut them before freezing 😀 At least they are then easier to use 😉

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